GIFTE Ghost Tour – 4/13/16

GIFTE Haunted Wine Tasting Walking Tour

Wednesday, April 13th (7:00pm – 8:30pm)

Starting with wine tasting at the 7th Street Market at 7:00pm and ending with dinner at the Asbury Restaurant in the haunted Dunhill Hotel at 8:30pm (dinner is not included in the price of the tour)

Charlotte has a new veneer covering a very old city. Charlotte’s history dates back to the 1700’s but you wouldn’t believe it by the modern and contemporary architecture. While they were successful in replacing the buildings, many of the individuals that once inhabited the places have refused to leave. We will explore Charlotte’s history from a haunted perspective
Explore one of America’s oldest cities and, coincidentally, its oldest ghosts! Charlotte may be bustling and booming now- but it dates back to the 1700s, and some of its oldest residents have refused to leave!

On our 90-minute Haunted Walking Tour, we explore Charlotte’s rich history from a haunted perspective! Hear spooky stories, see haunted sites and explore the city’s ghostly past. Stops include the haunted Tyron St. and the Historic 4th Ward.

Your expert guide will bring you around Charlotte, NC for this truly unforgettable tour!

(This is a private tour for GIFTE members only)

Price: $62.00 per person